London Folk Fest 2014: Highlights

Last weekend my sister and I headed to the Bedford to enjoy the best folk music London has to offer. Here are my highlights.


Right at the top of the Bedford is a little room called the Tavistock, we grabbed ourselves a sofa and sat enchanted for the entirety of Ledra Chapman’s set (which included a terrific Jamie T cover!)


First up on the Theatre stage on Friday was Aimee McKenzie, a young singer songwriter with siblings in tow. Not only were they adorable but their music shows immense promise, I’ll be keeping tabs.

(Ok so I chose the above video mainly because the little one’s wearing a superman outfit, but also because they played this song and it reminded me of Taylor Swift, which is a good thing in my books).


We spent all Saturday evening at Vin’s Night In. By far the best night of the festival, the night was hosted in the round so all the acts took turns to play songs and it was just lovely!

Stephanie Fraser

Evan Jack

(Beard crush)


There were so many amazing acts on Sunday, but the one act that made me really want to buy their CDs were Lily and Meg.

(I should probably point out that I’m trying to learn the harmonica so watching someone play the banjo AND the harmonica seriously impresses me at the moment.)

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3 thoughts on “London Folk Fest 2014: Highlights

  1. PopUpFolk says:

    Hello! Just found your blog, loving the Sounds section! I recently did a full review of Lily & Meg, having just discovered them at Somersault festival… check it out if ya fancy! The London Folk fest looks awesome. Kittyx

  2. PopUpFolk says:

    Also that Leddra Chapman song is gorgeous…

    • Stevie says:

      Hi Kitty, thanks for stopping by! Aren’t Lily and Meg delightful?! You write so wonderfully about them, looking forward to hearing about more folk music from your blog. London Folkfest was the best, I would definitely recommend you make the trip up to London for next years’, of all the festivals I’ve been to this summer it was the loveliest, most easy going one by far x

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