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A dream needs believing


A Soft Place to Land, Waitress the musical by Sara Bareilles. (I highly recommend listening to the entire musical, it’s beautiful and it’s finally coming to UK February 2019. I cannot wait!).

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Tobias Jesso Jr: Without You

I have too much love for this song x

Without You, Tobias Jesso Jr (Alternate version):

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Gill Landry: Take This Body

Laura Marling had this charming chap on tour with her earlier this year, so no surprise she’s featuring on his current single, Take This Body. I LOVE IT.

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The Beach: Thieves

My sister’s been listening to Thieves on repeat for weeks now, so when she saw The Beach was playing this month’s Communion she made sure we got ticket so we could learn and hear more from this band/artist (it’s confusing). Turns out, The Beach is one guy with band in tow and he’s just lovely. Definitely try see him live, but in the meantime if you haven’t heard it here’s Thieves:

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The Weepies: Sirens

New The Weepies album, Sirens, out end of April. SO EXCITED. I love these guys. That is all x

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Emilie Nicholas: Fail

This time in two weeks. Cannot wait.

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Say Yes

say yes

One of my close friends recently simplified and improved one of my rambles of a new years’ resolution as the classic ‘Say Yes’. So I’m going for it, and I’m combining it with my other two resolutions; 1. to take more time for art projects, and 2. to write more letters to people I actually know and care for (instead of just snail mail projects!), most specifically my mum who always sends lovely postcards and totally deserves to receive more.

Each month I’ll be ‘saying yes’, so embracing a new skill, going somewhere new, just, you know, trying something different to my normal routine. I’ll illustrate it on a postcard and then I’ll send that postcard out into the world. BOOM. Three New Years Resolutions in one project. Winner.

January’s ‘Say Yes’ will be combining a project for work (multi-tasking to the max), 31 Days of Inspiration, where I’ve been tasked with reading Sali Hughes’ Pretty Honest and putting her advice into action!

For those of you who follow me for music suggestions, I’ll still be doing those. Say Yes happens to be my favourite song on Langhorn Slim’s Be Set Free Album (a foot stompingly amazing album folks) so rather apt for today.

Enjoy x

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Susanne Sundfør: Fade Away

I can’t wait to hear the rest of this album, Ten Love Songs, in February 2015! Susanne Sundfør on top form in Fade Away:

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