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Say Yes

say yes

One of my close friends recently simplified and improved one of my rambles of a new years’ resolution as the classic ‘Say Yes’. So I’m going for it, and I’m combining it with my other two resolutions; 1. to take more time for art projects, and 2. to write more letters to people I actually know and care for (instead of just snail mail projects!), most specifically my mum who always sends lovely postcards and totally deserves to receive more.

Each month I’ll be ‘saying yes’, so embracing a new skill, going somewhere new, just, you know, trying something different to my normal routine. I’ll illustrate it on a postcard and then I’ll send that postcard out into the world. BOOM. Three New Years Resolutions in one project. Winner.

January’s ‘Say Yes’ will be combining a project for work (multi-tasking to the max), 31 Days of Inspiration, where I’ve been tasked with reading Sali Hughes’ Pretty Honest and putting her advice into action!

For those of you who follow me for music suggestions, I’ll still be doing those. Say Yes happens to be my favourite song on Langhorn Slim’s Be Set Free Album (a foot stompingly amazing album folks) so rather apt for today.

Enjoy x

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Let’s Make Labels together, you and I



Just a note to add to my general music recommendations…  I know I haven’t said much in a while … so … ‘hey’. I bought a label maker, and we’ve been making loads of little notes together – I even jazzed up the spice rack, uhuh, it’s pretty awesome actually, infact it’s this awesome. And yes, I joined instagram, and no, I don’t seem to be getting the hang of hashtags, but i’m going to keep trying godammit!

Stationery purchase of the month (so far): my Work Hard & Be Nice to People, Anthony Burrill for Rubberband notebook – with, you guessed it, bright. pink. pages. My heart fluttered so fast when I saw it I knew I wasn’t going to be able to walk away without taking it home. Isn’t it beautiful?! x


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Bob Dylan: Hand Lettering Experience

A very lovely person just pointed me in the direction of this awesome video. It’s all the lyrics (not just the odd word like in the original video) to Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues in beautiful hand lettering. Frame by frame,  the awesomely creative Leandro Senna has created a truly lovely project that clearly took hours of care. Check out the website for behind the scenes photos.

This is for any of you who love music and stationery as much as I do! x

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Stationery lovers: Pencils

I’m a big fan of the pencil. Here’s a collection of my current favourites:

Classic Rhodia pencils – I’ve been using mine all week.

Love these weekday pencils! From Etsy seller Amanda Catherine Designs

I’ve had these Inkit Gold tipped pencils on my radar for a while now

Complimentary pencils courtesy of Nonesuchthings

Batman. Need I say more?! Thanks One Up Designs!

Moleskine highlighter pencils

Moleskine highlighter pencils

Jeffrey Campbell Pencil Shoes

Jeffrey Campbell Pencil Shoes! I know, whoah.

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Moleskin Audio Cassette Notebook

This weekend I added yet another notebook to my collection*, the Moleskin Audio Cassette Notebook. Released to tie in with the cassette tape’s 50th anniversary this limited edition Moleskin beauty is perfect for any other avid playlist creators out there – I can’t wait to fill it’s pages with themed mixes!

*I counted, and I currently have 29 unused notebooks on my bookshelf. I have a problem. A very lovely, organised, paper-based problem.

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Papier Tigre



Snazzy Envelopes


I’ve had my eyes on these envelopes for a while now, I’m an avid collector of letter writing stationery and Papier Tigre have some pretty sleek looking gems hanging about their site. These Airmail style fold up envelopes are my favourite, it’s nice to have a modern twist on the much loved retro envelope. Look at how snuggly they fold together, a work of beauty!

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a little note from

I’m a big, big fan of stationery and letter writing, so keep an eye on the notes page for anything relating to these subjects…

positive thinking, eating honey and winning
Earlier this year I took part in Ephemera’s Elevated Envelope exchange, and my envelope was featured on the blog!
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