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Paper Fashion Calendar

Just came across this beauty of  a calendar by Paper Fashion – I think October’s my favourite, the falling leaves and knitwear sum up everything I love about autumn, which is yours?!


Paper Fashion

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Autumnal Charms

Autumnal Charms



1. The Goldilocks Variations by Allan and Jessica Ahlberg. This pop up book is absolutely delightful and had me grinning ear to ear.

2. Patterned Canvas Loafers GAP.

3. Drawn In by Julia Rothman. I love sketch books, this book is illustration heaven.

4. Shark Pencil Case. Storing pencils just got super cooooool.

5. Boo Boo Bear Dress. I need this in my life, just watch this space…

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Lu Flux: Craft Fashion

My sister and I are having a little craft party this weekend and I can’t help but hope that everyone looks as happy as these lovely ladies in their Lu Flux craft gear…

I really really want the Carpenter Dungarees.

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Hopscotch.LDN Knitwear

Autumn/Winter Knitwear

Rib & Moss Pom Pom Hat

Moss Beanie

I am ridiculously excited about Autumn/Winter Knitwear! These Hopscotch.LDN designs make me so happy – they’re made to order and lovingly crafted by the coolest Hopwood around.

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Paper necklaces for a paper friend

Just spotted these paper origami necklaces by Laura des Villes. Oh my. I’m now going to spend the rest of my day off attempting to make a windmill out of paper… it can’t be too difficult surely?!

Laura des Villes delightful jewellery

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