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Laurel and Jenny Lewis

Autumn has well and truly begun and with it brings GIG SEASON. Can I get a woop woop?! WOOP WOOP. This week’s gig highlights came from the brilliant Laurel, and the awesomely cool Jenny Lewis.

Every one of Laurel’s songs is perfectly constructed, pop music at it’s utmost best. Shells just happened to be my favourite by a couple of notches this week, Nicotine Dreams a very close second. I can’t wait for an album!

I’m a new convert to Jenny Lewis thanks to a friend forcing me listen to the Voyager album, and boy do I LOVE the Voyager album. I couldn’t stop beaming the whole way through the gig, but she played With Arms Outstretched for her encore and it blew me away.

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Deb Talan: Two Points

“She said it’s a shame

about the weather,

nothing for the blues

when the sky goes grey”



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