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Lu Flux: Craft Fashion

My sister and I are having a little craft party this weekend and I can’t help but hope that everyone looks as happy as these lovely ladies in their Lu Flux craft gear…

I really really want the Carpenter Dungarees.

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Hopscotch.LDN Knitwear

Autumn/Winter Knitwear

Rib & Moss Pom Pom Hat

Moss Beanie

I am ridiculously excited about Autumn/Winter Knitwear! These Hopscotch.LDN designs make me so happy – they’re made to order and lovingly crafted by the coolest Hopwood around.

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Children’s Book Week

I couldn’t let it go past without mentioning that it’s Children’s Book Week this week. For me it’s pretty much always Children’s Book Week, to the extent that last week I thought I should probably read a grown up book, you know, to fit in with cohort, but upon remembering it was the best week of the year I have rapidly and far too happily swapped my copy of The Great Gatsby with John Green’s Paper Towns and Oliver Jeffers’ newest title This Moose Belongs to Me. I’m endeavouring to read a picture book a day, every day, either over my breakfast or with tea after dinner – who’s with me?! If you haven’t picked up a Children’s book in a while, do it, and use this week as an excuse to delve into the pages of artfully constructed stories with imagination, heart and hope.

Booktrust have an excellent Best Book Guide to help you make your Children’s Book Week choices. Let me know if you read any delights!

© Illustration Rebecca Cobb

Children’s Book Week: 1-7 October 2012

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Papier Tigre



Snazzy Envelopes


I’ve had my eyes on these envelopes for a while now, I’m an avid collector of letter writing stationery and Papier Tigre have some pretty sleek looking gems hanging about their site. These Airmail style fold up envelopes are my favourite, it’s nice to have a modern twist on the much loved retro envelope. Look at how snuggly they fold together, a work of beauty!

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Paper necklaces for a paper friend

Just spotted these paper origami necklaces by Laura des Villes. Oh my. I’m now going to spend the rest of my day off attempting to make a windmill out of paper… it can’t be too difficult surely?!

Laura des Villes delightful jewellery

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heads up

For an insight into the crafty projects I get up to and the inspiration behind them keep coming back to the page loveliness

Corridor Craft - Laugh

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Falling Garden, flower heaven

I missed the paper flower workshop at Renegade this weekend due to having to catch a train to Falmouth, and now I’m kicking myself – if I had the skills I could totally recreate this gem of a exhibit…

Falling Garden, Gerda Stein and Jörg Lenzlinger

Falling Garden by Gerda Stein and Jörg Lenzlinger, whimsical photo courtesy of Brittany Watson at The House That Lars Built.

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