Latitude highlights: Emilie Nicolas

I’m supposed to be packing up the flat today for the big move on Friday but I can’t quite bring myself to start as there are way too many books and not enough small boxes… so I thought I’d do a quick Latitude Festival 2014 post.

It started well, I followed the well tested checklist, pre listened to some of the bands and made up the packed lunches for our journey.

Annoyingly epic delays on the roads doubled our journey time and after eight long hours sitting on a coach we finally made it to Suffolk and into the Latitude arena hours after the gates opened. Luckily the Kate Tempest play Hopelessly Devoted was on again on the Friday evening (phew! Stunning theatre).

ULTIMATE HIGHLIGHT, best set of the entire festival (by miles): EMILIE NICOLAS

Emilie Nicolas – Grown Up from André Chocron on Vimeo.

Oh my life was she amazing.

YOUNG FATHERS (Would have been better had the sound been up to scratch, but I saw them do a Bandstand Busking session last weekend and they were brilliant so I just wanted to flag that they’re super awesome).

I also wanted to thank the Alex from Edinburgh Sofar Sounds for recommending them.

EAVES – As Old as the Grave (This is the only video or sound clip I can find for this song…)


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London Folk Fest 2014: Highlights

Last weekend my sister and I headed to the Bedford to enjoy the best folk music London has to offer. Here are my highlights.


Right at the top of the Bedford is a little room called the Tavistock, we grabbed ourselves a sofa and sat enchanted for the entirety of Ledra Chapman’s set (which included a terrific Jamie T cover!)


First up on the Theatre stage on Friday was Aimee McKenzie, a young singer songwriter with siblings in tow. Not only were they adorable but their music shows immense promise, I’ll be keeping tabs.

(Ok so I chose the above video mainly because the little one’s wearing a superman outfit, but also because they played this song and it reminded me of Taylor Swift, which is a good thing in my books).


We spent all Saturday evening at Vin’s Night In. By far the best night of the festival, the night was hosted in the round so all the acts took turns to play songs and it was just lovely!

Stephanie Fraser

Evan Jack

(Beard crush)


There were so many amazing acts on Sunday, but the one act that made me really want to buy their CDs were Lily and Meg.

(I should probably point out that I’m trying to learn the harmonica so watching someone play the banjo AND the harmonica seriously impresses me at the moment.)

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Rae Morris: Cold ft Fryars

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Rae Morris a number of times, she’s adorable. Cold, however, is my favourite track so far, if this is a sign of what to expect from now on I am very excited x

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Let’s Make Labels together, you and I



Just a note to add to my general music recommendations…  I know I haven’t said much in a while … so … ‘hey’. I bought a label maker, and we’ve been making loads of little notes together – I even jazzed up the spice rack, uhuh, it’s pretty awesome actually, infact it’s this awesome. And yes, I joined instagram, and no, I don’t seem to be getting the hang of hashtags, but i’m going to keep trying godammit!

Stationery purchase of the month (so far): my Work Hard & Be Nice to People, Anthony Burrill for Rubberband notebook – with, you guessed it, bright. pink. pages. My heart fluttered so fast when I saw it I knew I wasn’t going to be able to walk away without taking it home. Isn’t it beautiful?! x


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Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy: Hard Life

After being introduced to Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy on a desk swap earlier in the year I’ve been slowly working my way through his records and falling in love with track after track. The very same colleague who introduced me to the ‘prince’, reminded me of this absolute beauty this week, and I can’t stop listening. Go on, fall in love with it x

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Paolo Nutini: Iron Sky

My flat is sat between two building works at the moment, this song is helping me drown out all the banging (so much hammering!). I can’t wait for the album, everything I’ve heard so far is promising an absolute treat x

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Hope & Social: What A Year

I know it’s past Christmas and New Year now, but hey, better late than never… This footage of What a Year looks like the loveliest audience participation experience ever, and it’s a top notch song to boot.

And it wouldn’t be an average blog post if I didn’t mention Dancing Years, so here’s Hope & Social and Dancing Years performing I’ll Do it All Again for Crypt Covers. Smashing x

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