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I had the unexpected surprise of having two of my friends* exclaim that they’d never heard of Volcano Choir this morning. I didn’t quite know what to say, I had rather lazily assumed that they must know who they are. So … this is for those of you who haven’t had the joy of discovering this band yet, I envy you, and I apologise for not blogging it sooner.

I’m seeing them on Monday and I really hope the stage lighting is as well timed as this video x

* Not just any friends I might add, ones that I have been to gigs with, swapped mixtapes and discussed on length the merits of a good string section, you know, the music-conversationalist type.

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Poliça ft Justin Vernon: Tiff

Love how well these two come together on this track – just beautiful x

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Daughter: Perth vs Ready For The Floor

Absolutely loving this cracking mashup by Daughter recorded on Zane Lowe’s show this week.

Perth (Bon Iver) vs Ready For The Floor (Hot Chip) – Who’d have thought that would work huh!?


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Bon Iver featuring The Staves

Two of my favourite artists doing what they do best. Absolutely breathtaking. Enjoy!

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