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Ásgeir Trausti: Going Home

Icelandic singer songwriter Ásgeir Trausti is absolutely gorgeous. Going Home is one of his few songs sung in English which is why it’s the one I’ve chosen to feature in this blog post – but he’s super talented right? The rest of his songs sound just lovely – if only I could understand them!

Enjoy x

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Cat Power: I Found A Reason

If someone had played me this track off the Cat Power Covers record years ago I would have realised how brilliant she is much much sooner.

I Found a Reason is so beautifully played here. I’m clearly going to be listening to her whole backlist the entire weekend.

Don’t you love it when you ‘discover’ someone and instead of having to wait months (maybe years) for new material to be released, you can instead joyously trawl through every album they’re released and fall further in love with their music?! x

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Lorde, Royals

Slick beats from New Zealand songstress Lorde.

My sister downloaded the Lorde EP a few weeks ago, it took me a few listens but I’m whole heartedly into it now. Royals is by far my favourite track, if only for the fact that it refers to a watch as a ‘timepiece’, I’m all over that ironic hipsterness like a rash.

For more of her tunes listen to her soundcloud page. It’s lush.

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Night Beds, Cherry Blossoms

I’ve posted about Night Beds before but the album, Country Sleep, was released this month and I can’t stop listening to it. Cherry Blossom is so precious – the vocal build gets me every time. Stunning x

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