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The Bookshop Band, A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls was one of my favourite books of 2012 and this song by the Bookshop Band, For An Ending, inspired by Patrick Ness’ book is simply put, perfect.

If you haven’t done so already, I urge you to read the book x

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Oliver Jeffers, Picture Book Maker

Here’s a delightful video of my all time favourite Illustrator/Author Oliver Jeffers on how he makes such lovely books:

Courtesy of Vimeo and the man himself! Lush x

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London Calling

Happy New Year everyone.

It’s a week of reunions for me so I’m busy reminding people how great London is. And it really is great so I’m quite happy to do so! We’re off to see the Barbican’s Rain Room in a bizzle, fingers crossed the queue isn’t too long!

London Embankment - Winter


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Helen Oxenbury

One of my favourite picture books is Michael Rosen’s We’re going on a Bear Hunt, so when Picture Book Picnic recently posted a video of it’s Illustrator, Helen Oxenbury, I simply had to watch it. I love hearing about illustrator’s processes, and Helen Oxenbury is a delight to listen to.

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Picture Book Month

It’s been Picture Book month this November and reading all the posts on reminded me of a post I wrote almost two years ago on battling homesickness with picture books.

Picture books really are special. They can cheer you up when you’re down, make you laugh time and time again, and more often than not they make you look closer, not just at the page but at life itself. They’re a way of seeing the world through another’s eyes; through picture book’s pages we’re introduced to the illustrators imagination and nothing can be as personal and important as that.

Picture books really did get me through my homesick blues, and they still do.

Shaun Tan and Oliver Jeffers are firm favourites, but I would also like to mention Rob Ryan, Polly Dunbar, Shirley Hughes (Dogger will forever and always hold a very special place in my heart), and the multi talented Alhberg’s for their upstanding picture books.

I’ve asked for Children’s Picture books – The art of visual storytelling for Christmas, I can not wait to delve through and discover even more picture books to add to my already overflowing shelves.

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Moleskin Audio Cassette Notebook

This weekend I added yet another notebook to my collection*, the Moleskin Audio Cassette Notebook. Released to tie in with the cassette tape’s 50th anniversary this limited edition Moleskin beauty is perfect for any other avid playlist creators out there – I can’t wait to fill it’s pages with themed mixes!

*I counted, and I currently have 29 unused notebooks on my bookshelf. I have a problem. A very lovely, organised, paper-based problem.

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Autumnal Charms

Autumnal Charms



1. The Goldilocks Variations by Allan and Jessica Ahlberg. This pop up book is absolutely delightful and had me grinning ear to ear.

2. Patterned Canvas Loafers GAP.

3. Drawn In by Julia Rothman. I love sketch books, this book is illustration heaven.

4. Shark Pencil Case. Storing pencils just got super cooooool.

5. Boo Boo Bear Dress. I need this in my life, just watch this space…

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Hopscotch.LDN Knitwear

Autumn/Winter Knitwear

Rib & Moss Pom Pom Hat

Moss Beanie

I am ridiculously excited about Autumn/Winter Knitwear! These Hopscotch.LDN designs make me so happy – they’re made to order and lovingly crafted by the coolest Hopwood around.

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